You might think you’ve combed through every square inch of the Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo, but there might be one more secret waiting for you.

If you’re someone who’s willing to travel far, faaaaaaaar off the beaten path, you might have discovered one of the demo’s hidden blue coins! You can see the location for one of the coins in the video above. It just goes to show that the camera is constantly hiding collectibles, and areas you might think are out-of-bounds are really just sneaky spots!

Some Kirby and the Forgotten Lands demo fans have found other blue coins hiding just out of sight. How many of these have you tracked down?

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2y ago

…huh, nope I didn’t find any of these! I’ll have to go back to the demo to see if I can find any of them without watching the video!

giancarlo thomaz senoni

2y ago

could this hidden blue coin be used for the upgraded system?

They are “just” star coins with a higher value. I found one by cutting some grass you wouldn’t think to go back to cut.