Metroidvania platformer 'Elypse' heading to Switch in 2023

The next Metroidvania vying for your attention

23 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Publisher PID Games and developer Hot Chili Games have announced that they’re bringing their Metroidvania platformer Elypse to the Switch in 2023. No details on pricing or file size have been shared, but you can see the debut trailer above.

Every ten years, a sacrifice must be made to protect your people from the Abyss, a place as worshiped as it is feared… This time you were chosen and thrown into the darkness… Nobody has ever returned but perhaps you can achieve the impossible?

Welcomed by Nyx, living alone with its boulders in a cave, you have survived for ten years. With his help you will try to reach a portal that could finally let you escape the depth of the Abyss in this Metroidvania platformer.

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1+ y ago

And yet another Metroidvania which looks exactly like Hollow Knight.