Square Enix certainly hasn’t forgotten about Chrono Trigger. A few Square Enix devs recently mentioned the game in some interviews, and the Switch saw release of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, which includes both the sequel and side-story for Chrono Trigger. Still though, fans have been hoping we’d see some sort of remake or remaster in recent years, yet nothing has come about.

What’s a diehard Chrono Trigger fan to do? Well, first off, keep those fingers and toes crossed for something official. Second, until Square Enix wows us all with a surprise announcement, why not enjoy the original Chrono Trigger soundtrack in a brand-new way?

A group of incredibly talented Chrono Trigger fans have given the game’s soundtrack a complete revamp, giving every song a set of unofficial lyrics. This amounts to a 5+ hour experience that takes you through the journey of Chrono Trigger though its music and fan-made lyrics. There’s quite a bunch of impressive singers in this tribute, and I’m sure fans of the franchise will feel a smile crack on their face hearing some of these lyrics.

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