We learned a few years back that legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda was going to be working on some tracks for Sea of Stars, the upcoming RPG from Sabotage Studios. Today, we get a new video where Mitsuda shares an update on his work for the game.

Mitsuda is collaborating with Sea of Stars’ main composer in order to find the right sound for the game, and we get to hear some of that music in this video. It’s clear that Mitsuda is going for a feeling much like what’s found in Chrono Trigger, going so far as to use Super Nintendo sounds to really nail that retro RPG feel.

Mitsuda is constantly impressing with his music, and there’s no doubt he’s going to absolutely kill his contributions to Sea of Stars. It’s nice to hear an update from Mitsuda on the project, and also get a little taste of his work! We’ll all get to enjoy whatever he puts together when Sea of Stars comes to Switch in Summer 2023.

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