Fire Emblem Engage's amiibo support detailed

Scan in through the amiibo gazebo!

23 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

We’ve known for awhile now that Fire Emblem Engage would include amiibo support, but we didn’t have specifics. Today brings us a few more details on what you can expect from amiibo functionality in the game.

Hopping into the game and visiting the ‘amiibo Gazebo’ and tapping an amiibo will unlock various costumes and music tied to the character you scan in. For example, tapping the Lucina amiibo will get you a Lucina costume and a Lucina-themed music track. You will also get a ‘Connection Ticket’ when you tap an amiibo, but we don’t have details on what that will do.

Every Fire Emblem amiibo released up to this point will net you a special costume and music track, but once you’ve scanned them into Fire Emblem Engage, doing so again will get you a random item.

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1+ y ago

The one trailer showed Micaiah’s costume, but she has no amiibo. I wonder if some costume or all costume can be purchased in game with in game currency. If they are making a new line of emblem amiibo, I’ll gladly get an Micaiah amiibo.