We’re mere hours away from Christmas and just over a week away from New Year’s. Are you scrambling for the perfect stocking stuffer for family or friends? Trying to track down the best way to schedule your 2023 plans? Well look no further than the Play Nintendo website, which has multiple activities and offers for both occasions.


Perhaps you’re looking for a last-minute decoration for your Christmas tree? Nintendo has you covered with an option to create 2D or 3D ornaments! All you need is access to a printer and the ability to cut and fold some paper. If that sounds like something you’re capable of, you can find the ornaments here.

Speaking of printers, Nintendo is also offering a template for you to make your own holiday cards. This includes cards for Christmas, general holiday greetings, New Year’s celebrations and more. If you want to take the artistic route with your holiday cards, you can dig through Nintendo’s multiple options here.

Finally, Nintendo wants to give you a fun way to welcome in the new year with the ability to create your own Nintendo-themed calendar for 2023. This creator includes a litany of Nintendo-themed imagery to add to the various months, letting you plan out special dates and occasions as you see fit. You can dig through the tools available for calendar creation here.

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