For the last few weeks, we were sharing news on an upcoming concert for Sky: Children of the Light. That concert finally took place a few days back, giving players the chance to enjoy a unique experience featuring recording artist, Aurora. If you missed that concert, you can see it in full above.

Now that the concert has wrapped, we have details on just how successful it was. According to developer thatgamecompany, over 1.6 million people came together to watch Aurora’s in-game performance. That seems like a pretty successful event, and there’s no doubt mention of the concert during The Game Awards brought in even more players.

Along with that, we now now that over 160 million people have downloaded Sky: Children of the Light across various devices. That very much includes the Switch version, but we don’t know what the download split is between platforms. That said, the game is free, so you can hop in today and see what it’s all about if you haven’t played yet!

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