A new update is available for Severed Steel. You can check out the patch notes for this update below.

New features:

  • New game mode, Rogue Steel
  • 9 new achievements unlocked through Rogue Steel
  • 23 new Firefight mutators unlocked through Rogue Steel
  • 6 new weapons
  • 5 new modified enemy types
  • 8 new exclusive Rogue Steel levels
  • New Cannon Mode: Cutting Beam
  • 10 Character skins to unlock in Rogue Mode
  • 15 Cannon skins to unlock in Rogue Mode
  • Gyro controls

Balance and QoL changes

  • Adjusted NPC hit stun animation to make followup headshots easier
  • NPCs no longer stun themselves and eachother with explosives
  • Increased VAL mag size and position
  • Tweaked Bulldog animations and sounds
  • Tweaked Lever Action position

Bug and Performance Fixes

  • Optimized explosion performance and audio
  • Fix visual glitches when air sliding and looking down
  • Fix visual glitches when kicking while falling
  • Jumping now makes Steel leave softlock that happens rarely on certain stunt combos

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