Rune Factory 3 Special is a remaster of Rune Factory 3, which was originally released on the Nintendo DS. Rune Factory 3 includes improved graphics and redesigned 3D character models, and it’s set to launch March 2nd, 2023 in Japan and sometime in 2023 worldwide. Marvelous has started sharing more information about the game as we approach the release date, and today, we get to learn about 2 more characters!

First up is Zaid (voiced by Daisuke Matsubara in Japanese), a dwarf living in the Univir settlement. He’s rather fussy, and can prove arrogant with those he considers his inferiors.


Next is Ondorus (voiced by Daisuke Matsubara in Japanese), a Univir survivor who lives in the Univir settlement. Don’t be fooled by his stern appearance: he’s actually quite gentle. He bears no prejudice against humans or monsters, and refuses to take a side, preferring neutrality.


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