Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are back with another look at Fire Emblem Engage, and today gives us new details on Lapis, who is voiced by Tomoyo Takayanagi in the Japanese version, alongside a look at the ‘Tower of Trials’; check out all the details below (via Perfectly Nintendo).


Lapis is a royal soldier of the Kingdom of Brodia, and a retainer to Prince Staluke. A good-natured woman with a kind personality. Don’t be fooled by her appearance: she was trained to hunt for a living, which is why she’s tougher than most people. She’s no fragile damsel in need of protection! Lapis’ starting class is Sword Fighter. Swords are her weapons of choice, and she can easily dodge enemy attacks with her swift movements.

Tower of Trials Challenges:

  • Tempest of Trials (offline-only): clear maps in succession. If you succeed in clearing the specified number of maps, you will get various materials as reward, and the Units that took part in battle will receive some EXP.
  • Relay Trial (English name not confirmed) (online-only): team up with other players to clear maps. You each play in turn, like a relay.
  • Outrealm Trials (online-only): create your own battle maps by placing your Units on a map, and then sharing them with other players. Once done, battles against other players and their Units take place automatically.

Fire Emblem Engage will launch for the Nintendo Switch on January 20th, 2023.

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