Pokémon Co. patents RFID tech for Pokémon cards

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27 December 2022
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The Pokémon Trading Card Game is a big part of the Pokémon Company’s business, and it’s been there right from the beginning. New cards and expansions are released all the time, and Pokémon Co. is always thinking about what’s next for the game. According to a new patent, it seems the future of the Pokémon TCG, at least from a streaming standpoint, could be RFID-related.

Back in 2019, Pokémon Co. filed a patent for new tech for the Pokémon TCG, but that patent was just awarded to Pokémon Co. earlier this year. The patent is for an RFID tag-embedded card sleeve that would interact with cameras. This setup would allow any streamed content featuring the cards to be much more sophisticated.

Obviously, Pokémon Co. has plans for using this technology during the many tournaments the company hosts/streams every year. Now that they’ve secured the patent, it seems like we might be seeing this approach in action sometime in the near future.

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