The LEGO brand is no stranger to game crossovers. Not only are there are ton of LEGO-based videogames, there’s also plenty of gaming characters who’ve been turned into LEGO sets. Mario has plenty of LEGO sets under his belt, and now it appears Sonic is about to get a lot more as well.

According to LEGO tracker PromoBricks (shared by VGC), SEGA and LEGO have at least 5 more Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO collaborations in the works. As you can guess, all 5 of these sets are due out in 2023. Early information points to a release sometime around August 1st, 2023.

These sets will be priced from $30 to $100, so it seems fans can expect a rather extensive lineup. Expect a LEGO starter set with Sonic and a bunch of goodies, as well as some expansions for other locations and characters. We’ll bring you full details should this information turn out to be true.

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1+ y ago

Tails minifig and The Tornado, some nice Metal Sonic model and maybe Angel Island (Master Emerald) diorama are things I would spend my hard earned money on.