Wylde Flowers came to the Switch back in September of 2022, and it flew a bit under the radar. It seems like this could be a hidden gem just waiting to get discovered by Switch owners, as Wylde Flowers has just won Apple’s Apple Arcade Game of the Year! If that’s not enough to pique your interest, perhaps a new, free content update will do the trick.

Wylde Flowers’ Endless Seasons and Romance free update is now available, and it includes all sorts of fresh content and tweaks. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Welcome to our Endless Seasons & Romance Update!

Pop back into Fairhaven as the town gets ready for their Spring Fling! Advance your training with the coven and take over as Keeper of the Wheel, with the power and responsibility to change the seasons at will! Married someone from Fairhaven or Ravenwood? Expect more spouse dialogue and romantic dates! Need the details?

  • All characters have a lot more dialogue in year 2 and following the post-credits sequences.
  • Tara’s spouse may surprise her with a gift from time to time, or offer to help out around the farm.
  • There’s an additional “affection” interaction on spouses, for a once-per-day relationship boost (but you can be as affectionate as many times a day as you like!)
  • Several date opportunites become available for spouses once their relationship meter is refilled. More date locations unlock as you complete each date. Not all date locations will be available at all times, or for all characters.
  • If Tara has previously broken up with someone, or rejected their initial romantic overture, she now has the option to rekindle their chance at romance with them, by gifting them a bouquet of flowers.
  • Once the “Un-Love Potion #9” quest has been completed, Tara can drink an Ardour-Cooling potion to immediately have the option to break up with a partner.
  • Once the “No Stone Unturned” quest has been completed, some of the ancient goblin machinery in the mines can be repaired, allowing gems to be located in certain levels once per day (at a small cost!).
  • Once the “Seasons Greetings” quest has been completed, an additional interaction becomes available on the Wellspring, which allows Tara to perform further season change rituals once all the requirements for the season have been completed.

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