Cuphead is a game chock-full of bosses, and each one of them is meticulous crafted to be fun, engaging, and memorable. Creating just one boss like that is tough enough, but developer Studio MDHR had to do it over and over again for both Cuphead and the Delicious Last Course DLC. Thanks to an interview, we have some insight into what that process is like.

In an interview with Game Informer, the Studio MDHR team sheds some light on what the boss creation process is like on Cuphead. As you might guess, it can be an incredibly challenging and time consuming affair.

“There’s tons of back and forth. There’s really serendipitous times where you start building off of a concept, and every idea that comes up is perfectly linked and has this ‘Aha!’ moment. But a lot of the time, it’s just a battle to get the theme to feel right without going so far away that it all feels disjointed.”

[Chad Moldenhauer, Studio MDHR]

This interview details the entire process, start to finish, of creating just one of the bosses in Cuphead. If you’d like to read more details on that journey, you can find the interview here.

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