Aberration Expansion Pack Now Available for ARK on Switch

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27 December 2022
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Today Studio Wildcard, along with development partner Grove Street Games, launched the second massive expansion pack for ARK: Survival Evolved players on Switch. “Aberration” is a sci-fi, vertigo-inducing, bioluminescent cave system that drops survivors onto a damaged, radioactive ARK, featuring a myriad of lush underground biomes containing exotic new creatures and gear to be acquired or crafted.

“Aberration” is the second Expansion Pack for ARK: Survival Evolved, joining the desert-themed “Scorched Earth” map in continuing to shed light onto the vast mysteries of ARK! “Aberration” is available free to download for players who own ARK: Ultimate Survivor’s Edition or available within the ARK Season Pass or ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition Upgrade.

The ‘Winter Wonderland’ in-game event is running now through January 5, during which ARK survivors can grab boosted rates, loot-filled presents, and collect 12 new chibis from this epic winter-themed extravaganza. This the very first in-game event for Nintendo Switch players after this fall’s reboot of ARK: Survival Evolved, bringing content parity with PC and console ARK players. A solid 2023 roadmap of ARK on Switch content updates is planned, including parity with all traditional in-game events.

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