The Super Mario Bros. animated movie from Nintendo and Illumination is coming to theaters in the states on April 7th, 2023. There’s no doubt many of us will rush theaters opening weekend to see how this film comes together, but what about those who’d rather stay at home? When can they expect to stream the movie from the comfort of their couches? While we don’t have a definitive answer, we do have some important insight.

Back in 2021, Netflix and Universal signed an agreement for streaming rights to animated features. This meant animated feature films from Illumination would see release on Netflix after a four-month window of exclusivity.

Of course, Universal also has their own streaming service; Peacock. The movie will no doubt arrive on that service first, and then eventually make its way to Netflix. Wondering just when that will happen? Previous Illumination and Dreamworks animated films from Universal have hit Peacock 70 days after their theatrical run.

If this timing stays true for the Super Mario Bros. animated movie, we should expect to see it arrive on Peacock sometime in June 2023, followed by a Netflix release in October 2023. Once we have official word on streaming release dates, we’ll be sure to bring the info to you.

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giancarlo thomaz senoni

1+ y ago

will the Super Mario Bros movie also release on DVD/Blue-ray? i need to watch this movie in my notebook


1+ y ago

I wonder if Nintendo have ironed out any deal to distribute the movie on their eShop.
I do suspect this won’t hit streaming as early as other animated movies. I suspect both Universal and Nintendo will want it in Cinemas that bit longer.