Once again, gamers in Japan are getting something for the rest of us to be jealous of. Koei Tecmo has just detailed the upcoming FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Premium Box release in Japan, and it’s absolutely chock-full of amazing goodies. Here’s a complete breakdown of what you’ll find inside.

  • physical copy of the game
  • Official materials book (including a short novel)
  • Original soundtrack CD + serial code for over 150 tracks including the ones from the CD
  • Clear files (2)

Those who want to purchase the FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Premium Box will have to cough up roughly $91. There’s also a Premium Box edition that doesn’t include the game itself, but all the extra goodies. This is for fans who’d like to purchase a digital version of the game but still get the bonus items. This game-less version of the Premium Box is priced at roughly $43.

If you’d like to check out some more pictures of all the fun the Premium Box has to offer, you can find a gallery here.

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Here's an idea: Dial back the japanese special edition a notch and release the physical worldwide instead!

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