Did You Know Gaming has shared their latest video, which takes a deep dive into The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. We’ve learned all sorts of behind-the-scenes info and other details over the years, but this video feature unearths some fresh facts from a series of classic interviews.

One of the more interesting details shared in this video pertains to the stars you’ll see in the game’s sky. It turns out the lineup of stars and constellations pertains to the player’s name, which means you can see any number of different groupings based on the text you chose when starting the game!

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1+ y ago

I will be sure to watch this tonight or tomorrow.


1+ y ago

I knew everything except the thing about the stars already. What do I win?


1+ y ago

In other DYKG news, their copyright strike from Nintendo for their unreleased Zelda games video got overturned. Good for them.