Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood officially opens its doors on February 17th, 2023. Excitement couldn’t be any higher, as Nintendo fans here in the states have been foaming at the mouth ever since the Japanese version opened its door. Now we’re mere weeks away from the kickoff!

Ahead of the park’s opening, the L.A. Times put together a feature on what Super Nintendo World will have to offer. They had a chat with Jon Corfino, vice president at Universal Creative, in order to get some insight into what attendees can expect. You can see a breakdown of all the details below.

  • the park has a storyline of Princess Peach having her golden mushroom stolen
  • many of the park’s games are themed around getting the golden mushroom back
  • Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge is the first American ride to mesh physical sets with movement-tracking augmented reality
  • Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge riders can steer, throw and aim
  • the ride pits Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and others against Bowser
  • the interior waiting line is Bowser’s Castle-themed
  • the park features augmented-reality-enhanced telescopes park-goers can peer through
  • the park is littered with Piranha Plants that chomp, Thwomps that slam, spinning gold coins and more
  • there are four multiplayer challenges in the park that culminate in a Bowser Jr. battle
  • guests enter the park through a green pipe
  • Super Nintendo World’s Power-Up Bands are priced at $40 each
  • the bands will connect with an app that allows guests to track their progress in recapturing the golden mushroom
  • the bands also allow park-goers to collect virtual coins and keep tally of their Mario Kart ride scores
  • characters in the land will be respond to guests based on the progress recorded by their bands
  • most of the games require participation among multiple parties of guests
  • some are timed challenges, others are crank-led puzzles, and one is a chaotic, touch-fueled game that has players turning over digital blocks
  • the park is filled with hidden nooks with various attractions and set-pieces
  • Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge’s line includes forest-like atmospheres tied to Yoshi
  • screens will double as windows, showing areas of the castle populated with ghosts
  • you’ll see Bob-omb-making machines and learn of Bowser’s obsessions
  • self-help books, such as one titled “How to Talk to Princesses,” can be spotted
  • in the Mario Kart ride, you press a button on a steering wheel to toss a shell
  • to aim, you simply look in a certain direction

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1+ y ago

The only thing that concerns me about Super Nintendo World(s) is the Mario art style. The “New” Super Mario Bros. style isn’t my favourite and if it’s used in the parks it cements that as the style for games for the foreseeable future I feel.

Just a minor gripe tbh. Planning a trip to Japan and Super Nintendo World in 2024 and very excited.