Entre as Estrelas or Among the Stars is a game being developed by Split Studio, a Brazilian animation and production company more known for some of their work for Cartoon Network and Comedy Central shows.

While they are focused on animation, Split Studio is now developing their own video game with the help of crowdfunding. While they haven’t reached their goal at the time of writing, they have stated they are expecting to bring the game to all consoles when they are fully funded, including the Nintendo Switch.

Among the Stars is a beautifully animated game and it deserves to have more attention brought to it, so here’s some information about the project and the game itself:

(Translated from Portuguese)

The Project:

Among the Stars.

Two sisters in search of a reunion. A tale about indigenous Brazil from Pantanal to the world.

Sisters Tai and Ari are separated after a violent attack to their indigenous community where they lived.

When discovering that she had an unexpected connection with the nature spirit ‘Encantado’, little Ari is launched on a journey through the mysterious spiritual world.

Ari then needs to learn a way to get back to her sister. For that, she will have to improve her connection with Encantado.

Tai, not knowing the whereabouts of her sister, is certain that she is alive somewhere. Tired of all the destruction caused by land grabbers, Tai goes in search of Ari, facing dangers and enemies.

Among the Stars.

Two lives separated by violence.

An exciting journey of Reencounter and Resistance.

Find out more:

Among the Stars is an exciting 2D full animation platforming and adventure game, with combat and puzzle solving, following the steps of games like “Ori and the Blind Forest”, “Limbo” and “Valiant Hearts: The Great War”. Want something cooler? :)

The game presents a great story inspired by real conflicts existing in the center-west of Brazil and the strength and resistance of the indigenous people of the region. Despite the game being 100% fictional and with elements of indigenous spirituality, the story reflects the context of many Brazilian lives and families that suffer violence and that almost never make the front pages of newspapers.

We are committed to creating a fully rewarding gaming experience that is intense and exciting, as well as a lot of fun to play.

By funding our game, you can help shed light and understanding of real conflicts in Brazil, such as land disputes, devastation of nature and attacks on indigenous populations, which have been going on for over 500 years in the country.

If you are interested in learning more about Among the Stars, head to their official Twitter or support the project through Catarse. Do keep in mind that most of their information is in Portuguese at the moment, but as the project gains momentum, we can expect some English translation for international fans.

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This game looks beautiful but I don't like the underlining messaging behind it.