It’s no secret that Sports Story didn’t have the best launch since fans have reported to find bugs and glitches that have hindered their experience. Even Sidebar Games, the game’s publisher, put out an announcement saying they have a patch under way to fix some of these issues.

While this is not confirmed, there is some speculation as to why the game may have had these issues and that’s through a secret Developer room found on the game via hacking. In this room, you can talk to NPCs who are video game developers saying the game they are working on right now, GALF, should have launched a while ago, but it’s still riddled with bugs, broken menus and more problems. You can see the video below:

Since this is not a room that you can find normally, and considering the current state of the game, you can’t help but wonder if this is a cry for help from the developers or if maybe it’s just them having fun and taking a jab at the state in which other games are released. Whatever the case is, look out for an update if more information comes out.


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