EDGE magazine, which houses some of the toughest critics in gaming, has just released their game awards for 2022. The rundown includes a number of different categories, as well as the games they’ve chosen for the top 10 of 2022. You can see the full rundown of categories and winners below.

Playstation Game of the Year: Gran Turismo 7 (runner-ups: Sifu, Ghostwire: Tokyo)

Xbox Game of the Year: Pentiment (runner-ups: Tunic, Somerville)

Nintendo Game of the Year: Bayonetta 3 (runner-ups: Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Triangle Strategy)

PC Game of the Year: Roadwarden (runner-ups: Teardown, The Case of the Golden Idol)

Mobile Game of the Year: Poinpy (runner-ups: Knotwords, Marvel Snap)

Best Visual Design: Elden Ring (runner-ups: Card Shark, Ghostwire: Tokyo)

Best Audio Design: Tunic (runner-ups: Metal: Hellsinger, Domekeeper)

Best Performance: Charlotta Mohlin in Immortality (runner-ups: Manon Gage in Immortality, Richard Schiff in GOW: Ragnarök)

Best Hardware: Steam Deck (runner-ups: Playdate, EGRET Ⅱ mini)

Best Soundtrack: We Are OFK (runner-ups: Neon White, Riley & Rochelle)

Publisher of the Year: Nintendo (runner-ups: Devolver Digital, Annapurna Interactive)

Studio of the Year: FromSoftware (runner-ups: Obsidian, Roll7)

Best Games of the Year:

  1. Bayonetta 3
  2. Windjammers 2
  3. Gran Turismo 7
  4. Poinpy
  5. Hardspace: Shipbreaker
  6. Roadwarden
  7. Neon White
  8. Pentiment
  9. Elden Ring and Immortality

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Comments (4)


1+ y ago

This is a terrible list, and it feels influenced by the members of Edge's personal friends and Twitter mutuals, and which games they were able to beat with their limited skill, rather than any measure of quality.


1+ y ago


Edge hasn't been trustworthy since their mid-2013 bribe.


1+ y ago

they're right about Bayo 3, at least. can't believe how badly that game got shunned by some outlets.


1+ y ago

I take it that "Best Games of the Year" list is in no particular order, as it wouldn't make sense otherwise.