RUMOR: Skylanders compilation seeing release in Q4 2023

Spyro looking to reignite interest?

03 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 7

For a few years there, Activision was riding high on the Skylanders franchise. They took the Spyro brand and warped it into a series that was filled to the brim with brand-new characters, and most importantly, accompanying figurines. It was doing HUGE business for awhile, but eventually players got tired of the yearly installments, and the franchise died off. Now it seems Activision might be looking to rekindle that love with a new compilation.

Rumor has it that Activision is sending out a survey that indicates a Skylanders compilation is in the works. This package would include HD versions of Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, Skylanders: Giants, and Skylanders: Swap Force. Most importantly, no figurines would be required.

No platforms are mentioned for this compilation, but Switch certainly seems like a shoe-in. We do have a note on the release date, as the survey indicates a Q4 2023 launch. Remember, this is just a rumor for now, but we’ll certainly let you know if/when it becomes official.

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1+ y ago

Count me out, even with no figurines necessary. I wouldn't be surprised if it's an option though, and they release a few. And if that goes well *shudder*


1+ y ago

Is one of those the one they released with a Bowser figure? And does Microsoft have a say.

That was Skylanders Superchargers which is surprisingly not a part of the expected compilation; however it was available and fully playable without the DK and Bowser figures on other platforms.


1+ y ago

These games were actually pretty fun if you could get a few figures and play co-op with a friend. And if you could get past the dialog.


1+ y ago

Loved playing these games with my kids, so we’d definitely be in for another go through them, especially if it doesn’t require buying more figures (we’ve already got 50+ of those from the first go around).


1+ y ago

I think the rumor makes a lot of sense. If they can make a fun way to play the game and unlock the additional characters, it would mean the game could be enjoyed without the high cost and the lost storage space from the figurines.

However, I know Activision and I'm guessing the additional characters are now purchasable DLC instead of being packed in. Get ready to pay something like $3 for each new character without getting a figurine at all.

But I guess we wait and see.


1+ y ago

We need more games like these. The first two games are very accessible to younger players. They don’t require the characters to jump (with a button press) - only move around and attack. Almost everything is spoken, so not a lot of reading is required to play either. These games were a blast to play with my kids, so I hope they find a place with a new audience on current gen hardware.

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