Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch has been updated to Version 1.1.3. You can see the full patch notes for this update below.

  • Fixed a critical bug where the game would stop saving eventually. With the patch, your autosave should work as usual again if it previously stopped saving. Unfortunately, we cannot restore completely corrupted save files, but the patch will greatly reduce the chance of save game corruption in the future.
  • The save game changes also fix decoration slots within building slots (including obstacles in riding hall and riding space). These were previously not saved correctly. It’s possible that some decorations need to be rebuilt after the patch, but they will be saved correctly from now on.
  • Fixed a bug where gene test results would not be cleared properly when switching horses, and some horses would show the wrong genes as a result.
  • Fixed gene testing for leg markings. Note that unfortunately some issues with the face markings remain. Also note that in some cases the Tobiano gene will cause more white leg markings than what the Markings section displays.
  • Gene testing now displays the full pattern string, including dominant and recessive genes.
  • Fixed a bug where horses with the “Food Lover” trait would be much slower than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where wild horses would not respawn properly after resting. Note that sometimes, the same horse may reappear multiple times after being scared off.
  • Fixed a bug where a chest would spawn a small Gazebo instead of the Gazebo blueprint.
  • Fixed a bug where some quest horses would be ‘mixed warmblood’ instead of purebred Selle Français. This fix will only affect new saves, not horses that were already caught/found.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would fall through the ground if they chose “Reset to Estate” while leading their horse.
  • Fixed the button mapping for the Rename Horse option so you can do it without using the touchscreen.
  • Removed pink face markings that were wrongly displayed on the horses.
  • Fixed that some areas would not count properly towards completing “Vertigo” or “Afraid of the Dark” trait missions.
  • Fixed that wild horses would sometimes have both “Vertigo” and “Uneasy with Heights” (or: both “Afraid in the Dark” and “Uneasy in the Dark”) traits and that the relevant trait mission couldn’t be completed as a result. Unfortunately, further issues with some traits not getting removed after completing the missions (Out of Shape, Lazy Jumper, Lazy Sprinter) are still being investigated. If you have this problem, please consider sending us your save file!

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