Tumbleweed Destiny tumbles onto the Nintendo Switch today

Tumbling around at the speed of weeds

05 January 2023
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We are no stranger to simulation games nowadays, so if you ever wanted to feel like a tumbleweed and tumble around, now it’s your chance with Tumbleweed Destiny! A game where you control a tumbleweed and you do everything one of those can do and, surprisingly, more, as you can explore, meet friends, level up and even play online with up to 15 players! Bet you thought they could only roll and nothing else, huh?

If you’d like to get the game yourself, you can do so through this link and if you want to know more about it, below we have the full description for it.

Why do tumbleweeds tumble?

Where are the best tumbling fields?

What lies beyond the tumbled…?

“Hey, do you want to tumble with me?”

Game overview:

The game system is similar to a clicker game. The difference from clickers is that you do not earn points by clicking, but by tumbling weed and breaking cacti. Operate tumbleweeds and explore the wilderness. Through their adventures, they grow, learn new truths, meet new friends, and experience a variety of things. Tumbleweeds earn TP (Tumble points) by moving. Use the TP you earn to gain abilities and increase your TP even more efficiently.


Online multiplayer: Up to 16 players can play together. There are quick matches and friend matches, both of which you are free to enter and exit at any time. In Quick Match, soaps from all over the world are trying to reach the soap holder at their own pace. In Friend Match, you can easily play with specific friends only by using one keyword. Of course, you can also play alone.

Growth: You can use the TP (tumble points) you get from rolling to grow.

Living proof there: Tumbleweeds are alive. What is alive will eventually die. But when the plant dies, a new life will sprout in it.

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