If you are a hardcore Mario fan, you may have heard about New Super Mario Bros. Coin World, but if you aren’t, that was a Japan Arcade exclusive game made by Capcom and Nintendo!

If you expect a traditional Mario game, however, you are out of luck, as this is a machine where you play minigames and a slot machine. Nintendo Life wrote a piece a few years back on it if you’d like to know more.

The reason we are bringing it back though is because the game, as many arcade games, had an exclusive soundtrack. Usually for games like these, the only way to listen to these tracks is to actually play the game yourself in person, but this time, YouTube user Marionova64 has compiled some of these themes on a playlist for your listening pleasure!

This is a very obscure find but highly appreciated as these tracks are not the originals used in the Wii game, but rather remixes of those along with some entirely original ones!

If you are a fan of Mario or of obscure media, don’t miss out on this great sounding OST!


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