This January, World of Tanks Blitz players will say Hasta la Vista to Skynet through the launch of an exclusive Terminator 2 campaign. Terminator 2 is an IP owned by STUDIOCANAL.

Operation Hasta la Vista is inspired by sci-fi action film, Terminator 2, and will offer players unique rewards, from a Cyborg tank with a legendary T-800 camouflage, movie character-inspired avatars, rare tank camouflages and profile background. All this loaded up, with a Terminator 2 customized soundtrack, which players will hear in the hangar.

Kicking off now and running till January 31st, the event is based on the battle pass mechanics which consists of 60 Stages. Upon completing each stage, players will receive rewards.

The Hasta la Vista Operation rewards will include:

  • Cyborg tank with a legendary T-800 camouflage.
  • 10 Terminator 2 avatars (John Connor avatar, Sarah J. Connor avatar, T-1000 avatar, T-800 avatar, and others).
  • 4 rare camouflages (Perfect Imitation, Polymimetic Alloy, Silicon Nightmare, Self-Destruct).
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