With Pokemon Scarlet/Violet being the new mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Co. is putting a ton of focus on the titles with distributions, events and more. You can find the latest information on those aspects of Pokemon Scarlet/Violet below.

Sixth Tera Raid Battle now live

  • version exclusive spotlight
  • offers Tera Raid Battles for Hydreigon in Scarlet and Dragapult in Violet
  • runs until January 8th, 2023

Ranked Battle Series 2

  • runs from February 1st throughMarch 31st, 2023
  • adds the ability to use Paradox Pok√©mon in Single and Double Battles

Special Distribution

  • distribution gets you a random selection of items
  • this is part of the official Japanese Twitter doing a New Year Lottery campaign
  • the code can get you a Stardust, Star Piece or a Comet Shard
  • use the code MAKEWA2AMACH1NE to get your distribution
  • event ends on January 15th, 2023

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