Starting today through to January 23rd, SMITE kicks off 2023 with one of the biggest events ever! Simply play 10 games of SMITE to earn over $35 of in-game content – entirely for free. That includes amazing rewards such as your choice of a rare Unlimited Skin, the Premium Battle Pass: Cyber-Tokyo (or 10 Battle Pass Levels if you own the Pass), 40 Boosters, and 10 Gods of your choice permanently unlocked.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a huge Gem Sale happening now until January 15. With up to 33% off Gems, up to 50% off selected chests, and the ability to earn Gems for free by playing during Gem Storms!

With millions of players playing billions of matches and dealing bazillions of damage, SMITE, the online Battleground of the Gods, has now reached 10 years of existence. The Hi-Rez game owes its enduring popularity to a dedicated community of fans all around the world. As a huge thanks to everyone, the game teams have put together a special event giving away truly incredible gifts. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate and receive some incredible rewards in SMITE.

Until January 23, players who complete 10 games can redeem a special Year 10 bundle full of gifts. They will get to pick from a chest of Tier 4 skins, among the rarest in SMITE. You’ll also unlock the current Battle Pass: Cyber Tokyo – or 10 levels if you already own it. Another exceptional reward especially for newcomers is a bundle of 10 ‘Pick Your Own God’ chests, each one unlocking any playable deity that you desire.

The event also includes a booster bonanza: 10 days of account boosters that will increase all in-match gains, plus 10 boosters of each sort—Worshiper, Favor, XP, Skin, and Voice Pack boosters—to give you a boost into the New Year!

Pumping up the celebration, a huge Gem Sale is happening from now until January 15. The premium currency in SMITE is up to 33% off and you can even earn Gems for free just for playing during Gem Storms! A selection of chests is also discounted by up to 50%.

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