Switch hits 6 million sold in the UK

A new milestone across the pond

06 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 2

The Switch recently celebrated quite a victory in the UK, becoming the best-selling gaming hardware of 2022 in that region of the world. Roughly 880k units were sold in the UK for 2022, beating out the PS5’s 770k and the Xbox Series X/S’ 720k. Turns out that’s not the only feather in Nintendo’s cap when it comes to UK Switch sales.

After being on the market for 5+ years, Switch has managed to move over 6 million units in the UK alone. That might not seem like a huge number, but it’s actually quite impressive! The UK isn’t a huge portion of the gaming market, but it definitely has some dedicated gaming fans. Nice to know that 6 million of them have decided to give Switch a shot.

From here on out, the Switch is likely to see hardware sales continue to drop, as that’s the natural progression of things for hardware this late in its life. That said, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom could give the platform a considerable boost. Long story short, the sales story in 2023 is going to be a very interesting one to follow!

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1+ y ago

Can’t stop it now. It’s having such a good time. It’s having a ball.


1+ y ago

Who are the Install Base Forum? Never heard of them. A lot of people wouldn't quote VGChartz for numbers, I wouldn't be trusting or quoting an unknown forum. This information heavily contradicts the information we got from Game industry.biz yesterday, who are a reputable site.


They said numbers from the Gfk panel said 2 million units were sold last year, and that less than 60,000 separated all 3 platforms.

The information from IBF suggests 2,370,000 units were sold and the difference between all 3 platforms is 270,000, not 60,000. I'm not saying who's right or wrong, but I know who I'd rather trust.