The RetroBuds strike back with yet another installment of DF Retro Play, and this time it’s all about 3D! The boys take on a set of Super Nintendo 3D games, though these games do so without the assistance of helper chips such as the SuperFX. The result? Well it is certainly a mixed bag, but along the way there’s certainly plenty of innovation, experimentation and even some modern day ROM hacks that really showcases what the Super Nintendo could do even, with its rather limited CPU.

The games covered in this episode are as follows:

  • Race Drivin’
  • Speed Racer in My Most Dangerous Adventures
  • Accele Brid
  • Super Off-Road: The Baja
  • Kyle Petty’s No Fear Racing
  • Big Run – The Supreme 4WD Challenge – 13e Rallye
  • Road Riot 4WD
  • Steel Talons

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1+ y ago

I see Super Off-Road!


1+ y ago

The only game I recognize here is Super Off-Road and it wouldn't this sequel, The Baja. I'm guessing it's because it didn't release in Europe.

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