The Borderlands movie has finished up its principle shooting, but as with any movie, a handful of reshoots and pickup shots are required. Usually that would be handled by the person helming the movie, and that would be Eli Roth for Borderlands. Somewhat surprisingly, Roth won’t be the one doing these reshoots, but another big name has stepped in to handle things.

We’ve learned that Deadpool’s Tim Miller will be taking over reshoot duties for Borderlands, which should last for about two weeks. Why isn’t Roth continuing on with the job at this point? It turns out scheduling wouldn’t work for him, as Roth needs to get work going on Thanksgiving, a horror film based on a mock trailer made for the Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse film.

As long as all goes well with Miller’s reshoots, the Borderland movie still has a chance at releasing in late 2023. We’ll be sure to bring you official release date information once it’s announced.

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