The latest triple threat Splatfest for Splatoon 3 has come to a close. It was Spicy Vs. Sweet Vs. Sour this time around, and all teams battled their hearts out. Of course, only one can take home the win, and now we know which side came out on top.

The numbers have been crunched and the battles tabulated, and now we know that Team Sweet managed to pull out ahead of the crowd. There’s no doubt everyone battled fiercely, but clearly Team Sweet wanted it just a little bit more.

Feeling sour about this outcome? Have the results left you feeling spicy? Now’s the time to regroup and prepare for the next Splatfest. Use this as motivation next time around to help your team reach victory!

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1+ y ago

Sweet victory!

Hehe I got my butt kicked most games, but hey a win's a win.


1+ y ago

NOOOO!!!! Team Shiver forever! =D

I guess Fraye(?) needed a win too finally.

This was a real great Splatfest. Specially since we could finally play tricolour matches that really shake things up. And damn it was a blast that was. I played more Tri than normal Turf wars even. When it was Spice vs Spice vs Spice I jumped to Turf which, of course, sure is great fun =)