If you were a young Pokémon fan back in 2000, there’s a slight chance you got to see Pokémon Live…live. Pokémon Live was an official musical that toured in the states, and then saw international release over the next couple of years. It might not have been fine entertainment by Broadway standards, but it was certainly better than it had any right to be!

If you never had the chance to check out Pokémon Live in person, or you’re only just learning of the musical now, you might want to set aside an hour to watch Pokémon Live: How Pikachu Nearly Took Broadway. This documentary breaks down Pokémon Live, and even interviews a handful of former cast members.

One thing’s for sure. If you end up watching the documentary, you’ll probably end up wishing Pokémon Co. would do something like this again!


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2y ago

I just finished watching it, interesting. I had never heard of it before and ugh to the moral panic people at the beginning. I'm glad I don't watch tv so I missed those people.

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