Publisher/developer Digital Crafter has announced that they’re bringing Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior to Switch on Jan. 12th, 2023. The title has a pre-order discount of 15% dropping the price from $15 to $12.74 until the day before launch. Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior takes up 1.2 GB of space.

Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior is a new fighting game with ultimate freedom. Players will have the opportunity to customize their own fighter from the appearance to fighting moves. Build your own STEEL Fighter Now! Please note that Rollback net code is not utilized.

In the distant future, humans no longer exist. Now, robots rule the world. You wake up in a ruined site and have no memory of what happened to you, facing an unknown world and enemies; Fight your way through the Tower to find the truth.

Unlike traditional fighting games, Fight of Steel free characters from assigned move sets. Players can decide the basic moves by choosing “Combat Stance” and selecting the “Martial Art Chips” they like; you can even customize the appearance of the fighters to build your own.

Fight of Steel is a spiritual sequel to Fight of Animals in control and command designs. Simple designs for more players to enjoy the refreshing experience of fighting games; Special move inputs are designed as command normals, a directional input along with the appropriate attack button, and Supers are triggered with one button. Players won’t be troubled with “circle motions” and can get a hang of fighting more quickly.

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