Limited Run Games has announced their next physical release, and this time they’ve turned their focus to the latest installment in a time-honored franchise.

Return to Monkey Island is getting a physical Switch release from Limited Run Games, and there are 2 options to pick from. First up is the standard release that you see above, which includes a game card in a physical box. This option is priced at $35.


Along with that comes the $90 Collector’s Edition, which includes the following goodies:

  • Physical copy of Return to Monkey Island for Nintendo Switch
  • Return to Monkey Island Collector’s Edition Box
  • Return to Monkey Island Original Soundtrack
  • Lechuck’s Onboarding Pamphlet
  • Letter from Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman
  • Scrapbook
  • Blowfish Stressball
  • Chum’s Lure Pin
  • Collectible Nintendo Switch Golden Key
  • 18” x 24” Poster
  • Booklet

Pre-orders for both versions of the game are set to open on Jan. 20th, 2023. If you’d like to take a closer look at these releases, you can find the official store page here.

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1+ y ago

Ooh nice. Too bad you can't use the blowfish for a real burping contest :D

The keys thing is annoying though.

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1+ y ago

Oh even though I’m a pure digital Switch gamers I want this for all the goodies. I can gift the game to someone.


1+ y ago

I wouldn't be giving Limited Run Games any positive publicity or free advertising. They've always been a horrible company imo with shady practices and they have been rightfully getting absolutely lambasted on social media for their disgraceful behaviour recently. They fired their Community manager, after receiving a complaint. They didn't do much research though, because the person who made the complaint is a low-life who has a very disturbing history of stalking and abuse.
To say Limited Run Games have shot themselves in the foot would be the biggest understatement ever.