Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood will feature a ton of attractions and set pieces ripped straight from the world of Mushroom Kingdom. Of course, that includes Mario and the gang as well, and now we’ve gotten some insight into what it’ll be like meeting these characters while at the park.

In an interview with, Universal Creative VP Jon Corfino shared details on what park-goers can expect from meet-and-greets with Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.

“Now, I’ll point out a couple different character interactions that we have. For example, we have a Princess Peach meet and greet. We have a Mario and Luigi meet and greet. So, we have characters and they’ll come out. They’re capable of communicating with you. And guess what, since we’re in a game, they know your score. So, there’s another level of connectivity.”

[Universal Creative VP Jon Corfino]

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