Nippon Ichi Software has annoucned that they’re bringing a demo for Disgaea 7 to the Switch eShop in Japan. The demo is set to launch on Jan. 12th, 2023, and it’ll let players enjoy the start of the game up to Chapter 2. Those who purchase the full game can transfer their demo save data over.

Along with that, Disgaea 7 trailer has been released spotlighting Piririka. You can see the trailer plus details on the character below.

Piririka is a spontaneous young woman who was raised happily in Wahei Netherworld. She strongly admires “Bushido-made” manga and movies, but receives a culture shock when she sees Hinomoto Netherworld for the reality that it is.

She is a naïve and genuinely good person, and easily deceived as a result, but she is also strong at heart, believing that “every bad person must have had a reason for becoming bad.”

She is the CEO of a popular apparel company and is extremely rich, so she often tries to resolve things with money over malice…

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