The Legend of Zelda gets a fan-made VR mod

Adding dimension to a classic

11 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Nintendo has only slightly dabbled into the world of Virtual Reality officially through the release of Nintendo Labo VR. That gave us the tiniest of glimpses into what a Nintendo VR experience could be like, but fans are more than happy to experiment further with their own takes on what Nintendo games could be like in virtual reality.

The video above is the latest example of a Nintendo classic getting the VR treatment, as it meshes together the original Legend of Zelda on NES with the gameplay of DOOM. Link goes from top-down to third person in order to take out enemies up-close-and-personal, and the results are somewhat scary!

There’s no doubt playing the original Legend of Zelda in virtual reality and from a first-person perspective would be a blast, but there’s little chance Nintendo would ever head in this direction. Then again, they did add Nintendo Labo support to Breath of the Wild, so I guess crazier things have happened!

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1+ y ago

Saw this earlier on Nintendo Life and it almost made me motion sick lol. Impressive project though.