The internet can be a wonderful place for gamers, as it can bring you tons of information, online friends to game with, and a great sense of community. Unfortunately, it can also be a breeding ground for those with evil intent, and that’s exactly what’s going on with Pokémon fans right now.

Unfortunately, it appears there are a number of fake Pokémon games floating around the internet, and they can certainly do harm should you download/play them. South Korea’s AhnLab’s Security Emergency Center (ASEC) has discovered a fake Pokémon Card Game that includes malware, and it could end up stealing your personal info and giving over access of your mobile/PC hardware.

This fake Pokémon game has its own website that attempts to get fans to sign up to access content. The second you click on the ‘Play on PC’ button, malware finds its way onto your system. If you’re lucky and you have the right protection, the malicious activity should be stopped in its tracks here. That said, if you haven’t taken safety precautions with your device, you could find yourself in serious trouble.

While you might scoff at the idea of falling for a fake Pokémon game, these tactics obviously work, as the scammers wouldn’t waste their time and effort on an approach that didn’t pull in unsuspecting people. Make sure to spread the word to your family/friends to keep them safe, and always double check that the Pokémon content you’re interacting with is legit.

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If it’s not on an official App Store or game store be wary folks. Even then, check the publisher/developer.

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