Sky: Children of the Light has been updated to Ver. 0.20.0. You can see the full patch notes for this update below.

Season of Remembrance Begins Soon The varied past of Sky’s kingdom has been revealed through realms and Seasons, from glimpses of triumph and harmony, to hints of broken connections and turmoil. Now in Season of Remembrance, we go deeper into Sky’s lore. Journey alongside Spirits who lived through eras of turmoil to press on and rebuild together, and experience the connections of empathy that are at the heart of Sky.

Through Seasonal Quests, Spirits share both their own emotional experiences of the turmoil in the kingdom, and memories of the objects that connect them to their past. As a new element for this Season, help each Spirit by creating a Shared Space for them, so they can take their first steps to start anew. Create the Space using your own ideas, or visit Spaces created by other players to gather inspiration!

Season of Remembrance begins at 00:00 Monday January 16th (all times PST, UTC-8) and continues until 23:59 Sunday April 2nd.The full Season can be enjoyed for free by all players who have progressed through at least Vault of Knowledge. Season Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock additional seasonal cosmetics, including the Ultimate Gifts.

Known Issue: The Ultimate Gift memory lantern will not have the ability to recharge in 0.20.0. However, the memory lantern will have the ability to recharge in the 0.20.5 update.


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