Today’s round of Fire Emblem Engage news starts off with yet another character profile. Above you can see Goldmary (voiced by Natsumi Takamori in Japanese), a royal knight of the Kingdom of Elusia, as well as a retainer and a friend of Princess Hortensia.

Goldmary is rather shy and timid, but not because of a lack of self-esteem. Her mannerisms can come out as either reserved or brazen.

Goldmary’s starting class is Hero, and her strength allows her to shine on the battlefield. She can make use of a variety of weapons to (literally) cut her way to the front lines. You can see a bit more of Goldmary in action via the video below.

That video also showcases a pair of side-activities; strength training and fishing.

Strength training allows you to temporarily increase Alear’s base stats. There’s three different types of training available, each one increasing different stats. Fishing is a side-activity where timing is key. When you have a bite, carefully watch the fish’s movements and reel it in with the L stick.


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