Koei Tecmo has revealed a new slogan for their brand; starting from January 2023, the company’s new slogan is “Level up your happiness.” Koei Tecmo says that the goal behind this slogan is to better engage with fans and send the company’s spirit to customers.

You can read Koei Tecmo’s full statement below, as translated Ryuji from Noisy Pixel:

We have taken KOEI TECMO’s spirit of “creation and contribution,” a philosophy we have upheld since our founding. In establishing this new slogan, we have redefined that philosophy for the current era, focusing on our relationship with our partners and, most importantly, our gaming fans. We believe that mental richness and vitality are two important elements of happiness.

Our reason for existence is to contribute to the world by creating new experiences that have never been seen before. The slogan intends to convey that to our users in an easy-to-understand manner. We will continue to do our best to bring you amazing experiences based on the “creation and contribution” starting point of our company.

[Kō Shibusawa - President of Koei Tecmo]

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1+ y ago

Do they need a slogan? Did they have an old one? If they did, I don't know it. I doubt I'll remember this.


1+ y ago

That's a terrible slogan