I’m a big fan of Salmon Run in both Splatoon 2 and 3, and I know the action can get pretty fast and frenetic. If you don’t have a team that works well together and communicates well, your run can be over in seconds. In the case of today’s video, we clearly have a team that knows how you work as a cohesive unite!

Check out gameplay above for a Splatoon 3 Salmon Run where a team goes through Sokeye Station and gets an impressive 241 eggs on Hazard Level Max. These pros have yet to have their run defeated.

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1+ y ago

That was inkredible! I thought the second wave was more impressive than the first, the third wave was more impressive than the second.


1+ y ago

Wow, what surprises me the most is there's far fewer common enemies than runs at lower levels.

They do a very good job of managing the enemies but the total amount of enemies and spawn rate is so low.

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