There are no doubt millions of new Switch owners after the holiday season, and they’re trying to find the content right for them on the Switch eShop. That’s why Nintendo has stepped in to recommend some games with demos to those Switch newcomers.

There are loads of free demos available on Nintendo eShop that let you try before you buy. Some free demos will even let you play the game from the start and take your progress with you into the full game! On top of that, there are lots of free-to-start titles that you can get stuck into as well!

As usual, Nintendo suggests some of their own games along with third party offerings. You can see the entire slate of titles recommended here.

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1+ y ago

I tried 3 demos on the list and all 3 convinced me to purchase the full game.


1+ y ago

After seeing Jason so many times I read the title as "Switch games with demons"!

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