Wobbledogs has been updated to Version You can check out the patch notes for this update below.


  • The game now fully pauses when menus are displayed and other situations that call for it.
  • Mystery goals now have their names show up making it easier to track completion.
  • Item deletion prioritisation – Capsules, eggs and dog cores will no longer be destroyed when the objects reach their max limit.
  • When you have a goal to claim, an indicator is displayed on the main HUD.
  • When a dog dies with the camera focused on it, the camera will be focused on its torso until camera is unlocked.
  • Blurry items including food dispensers and egg hatcher icons are no longer blurry.
  • Added in food particles, egg hatch particles, and cocoon hatch particles.
  • You can now use directional button to switch room in ‘Play mode’.
  • The dog portrait system has been reworked and has improved performance.
  • A dog counter has been added to the bottom right of the screen to indicate when a player has reached the maximum number of dogs in each room.
  • When hatching a cocoon players can now highlight the cocoon with the shoulder buttons and press ‘Y’ to hatch.

Bug Fixes:

  • On-load fix added for game saves that improperly saved with more than the maximum allowed number of dogs in-game.
  • The clean-up button in Decoration mode now clears puddles as well.
  • Planum Mirabilis flora now makes a dog wide as well, which should enable players to control dog wideness before that goal is completed.
  • Fixed an issue where idling on the main menu would trigger “time played” goals for the last played file.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the cursor to completely lock to the centre of screen when dragging dirt clumps to dirt patches.
  • Clean-up button in object placement mode now functions as expected. An indicator has been added to show that the player needs to hold the clean-up button.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the dog den name/description to display as “test object”.
  • Options menu settings no longer reset when loading a file.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Russian text to overlap on the mutation screen.
  • The Jungle Food Dispenser no longer dispenses Ants on a Log before it’s unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue with dog thumbnail portraits appearing slightly stretched vertically.
  • The box that says “Instruction” in placement mode has been removed.
  • An issue where players would get stuck in the Goals UI has been fixed.
  • Seed planting UI has been reworked. This is now like the food dispenser UI where portraits update when you highlight each individual seed.
  • Goal complete popups now show up in breeding mode.

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