YouTube Channel GamerHubTV has posted an interview with Logan McPherson of WildBrain, Executive Producer of the Sonic Prime Netflix Series. The full 6 minute interview is posted above but here are some interesting highlights.

  • The general idea for the series was developed between SEGA and Man of Action Entertainment before WildBrain was brought in halfway through to flesh out the idea and tailor the story for Netflix.
  • McPherson believes that even though 3D animation has taken leaps and bounds in television that 2D animation still has a place.
  • Shadow was desired to be included from the beginning and SEGA were very watchful of how he was portrayed.
  • McPherson isn’t entirely clear on how Netflix judges whether shows are successful or not be he believes the best way to support more Sonic Prime is to watch the show and states that the team would love to make more.

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