Super Famicom title Tokimeki Memorial gets a fan translation

It's never too late for a fan translation

07 March 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Some Super Famicom games were more fortunate than others. While plenty of games were localized for release outside of Japan, a not-insignificant number were left behind. That’s especially true for games that fell into genres that the West had little to no experience with. This is exactly why Tokimeki Memorial got the shaft back in 1996.

Those who’ve been jonesing for some dating sim action can finally give Tokimeki Memorial a try, as a fan translation has been made available. The dedicated fans behind this project even added a few elements to this Super Famicom version, adding in the animated intro from the PC Engine version, lyrics for the intro and outro song, and voiced confession screens.

If this seems like something you’d want to check out, you can read full details on this translation here.


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2y ago

Hope this leads to other dating sims like Nanairo Dreams getting fan translations.