There have been two entries in the AI: The Somnium Files franchise so far, but it sounds like there’s interest in returning to the series for a third installment. This insight comes from a Dengeki interview with franchise director, Akira Okada.

When discussing the series in general up to this point, Okada shared a very straightforward comment about his desire to work on a third entry.

Personally, I’m very excited to develop a third game. The number of [Ai the Somnium Files fans] has been steadily increasing both overseas and in Japan. It’s this support that allows us to stay motivated and continue to bring new titles. I hope to meet everyone’s expectations.

[Akira Okada, Director]

With interest in the series growing with each release, it only makes sense to release another entry. That’s especially true if there’s more story to tell, and it seems like Okada definitely has ideas for where things can go next!

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1+ y ago

Great news! Uchikoshi games in general are not nearly as well known as they should be. The Zero Escape and AI series are my favorite visual novel style games, all of the games I’ve played from him completely blow my mind, and even make me think about things in different ways.
I *strongly* recommend both the Zero Escape and AI Somnium series to any fan of visual novels, or even those who haven’t tried the genre…999 (the first Zero Escape game) was one of the first I experienced in the genre. They are strictly for mature audiences though…anyone that can’t handle extreme gore, particularly extremely detailed descriptions of gore and dead bodies, probably shouldn’t play these games.

Oh yeah, and why the hell is the Zero Escape trilogy *still* not on Switch! Come on Spike Chunsoft!

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