Capcom has been hosting a “World of Guys Stronger Than Me” exhibition in Japan to celebrate the Street Fighter franchise, and that event is wrapping up with a very special auction for the life-sized statues of Chun-Li and M. Bison seen above.

This silent auction runs until January 31st, 2023, with the highest bidder taking both statues home. The starting bid for each statue sits at roughly $1,540, so it’ll take some deep pockets to take these collector’s items home. For those wondering, Chun-Li clocks in at 170 centimeters tall, while M. Bison is 182 centimeters.

Surprisingly, the original plan was to simply destroy the statues after this special exhibit, as they are quite large and heavy, and the organizers had no where to keep them. Those plans changed after event organizers saw how much fans liked the statues, which led to the idea of a silent auction. Best of all, part of the money from this auction will go to charity.

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